We are members of The Jamestowne Society, the national organization of descendants of the first permanent English settlement in America. The First California Company is composed of Society members in Southern California and was chartered in May, 1999. Martha Pace Gresham was our Organizing Governor.

Jamestown was founded on May 14, 1607 and served as the colonial capital of Virginia until 1699. It has a singular place among our American origins for what our ancestors did – as America’s first pioneers – to lay the foundation of our nation’s political and economic development.

The Society was founded in 1936 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.  Its mission includes discovering and recording the names of all living descendants of Jamestown residents, officials, “adventurers” (investors), land owners, Anglican clergy and Indian interpreters from 1607 through 1699, associating them as members of the Society, and honoring the memory of our settler ancestors. It has enrolled over 8,000 descendants; there are 46 Companies throughout the nation. Donations to the Jamestowne Society are deductible as charitable contributions.

The Society has confirmed over 1,500 names of individuals who meet its 17th century ancestry criteria and are listed as its Qualifying Ancestors. Many Americans don’t realize that these persons may be among their ancestors and would qualify them for membership. Our mission also includes helping them explore whether they are.

Our members are available to help with the application process. Please contact any of us, or go to the Join Us tab if you believe that you are a potential member. Any member of the Society may join the First California Company upon application to our Membership Chair. We hold an Annual Meeting and other Company meetings throughout the year. For more information, please contact our Governor.

Our Officers

 First California Company’s Officers and Councilors for 2014-16 include:

Governor: Donna Chilton Derrick

Lt. Governor: Terry Whitcomb

Secretary: Sandra Orozco

Treasurer: Suzy Leif

Historian: Scarlett Stahl

Chaplain: Claire Murphy

Membership Chair: Linda Ramos

Councilors: Anita Guenin, Jim McCall and Ginny Gotlieb*

Parliamentarian: Martha Gresham*

*Past Governor

Our primary contact is: FCCJamestowneGov@gmail.com

For membership and application information, please contact: fccjamestownemembership@gmail.com

You can contact the editor of this website and our blog at: fccjamestowneeditor@gmail.com

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