Links to websites with information about Jamestown

Our most important link is to the Jamestowne Society, which includes links to many others of the Society’s companies. It also lists forthcoming Society and company events. The Society also has a Facebook page (login required.)

Overview of Jamestown Island

For links to information about what has been found and current events at the original landing site and where the colony existed from 1607 until 1699, please go to Historic Jamestown. HJ is on the 1,500 acre Jamestown Island, of which 22½ acres are owned by Preservation Virginia (PV, formerly the Association for the Preservation of Virginia.) and the balance by the National Park Service (NPS.)

Historic Jamestown

Historic Jamestown includes the internationally acclaimed Jamestown Rediscovery archaeological project. Its web site and Facebook page offer ongoing updates at its archaeological dig, where they found the remains of the 1608 Fort and first Protestant church in America, plus information about exhibits at Historic Jamestown’s Archearium and other important historical evidence and events relevant to the first permanent English colony in America. JR also offers a YouTube video tour.

An interesting and educational web site is Virtual Jamestown, which is a “a digital research, teaching and learning project that explores the legacies of the Jamestown settlement and ‘the Virginia experiment.’” This site offers excellent teaching resources for educators and important links to other sources of information about America’s first permanent and enduring English settlement. Especially, go to its link to the National Geographic’sAmerica in 1607.Also, be sure to to go to a complementing National Geographic site: Exploring the Chesapeake: Then and Now

Jamestowne- Why There? This site offers many details and links to sources for learning about the history of the first permanent and enduring English colony in America.

Jamestowne Game – Interactive Learning

If you’re planning to visit the area in the coming months, try theses websites:

Map of Historic Jamestown