Some of Us Went Dancing….

25 First California Company members and guests were entertained and several participated in the demonstration of 17th century English Country dancing at our winter meeting in Riverside on Saturday, January 19. It’s not often that we get to do so, and, as Governor Ginny Gotlieb later noted, “All that dancing really got us going!” (Editor’s note: click on any picture to enlarge it and get more detail)P1030445

As presented by the of Riverside, our group learned about the history of the form of dancing that was enjoyed when Jamestown served as Virginia’s colonial capital, and on through the 18th and into the early 19th centuries.  This was an important part of our ancestors’ culture and recreation.

We had a historical setting for our luncheon and meeting at the Mission Inn, which has been a main feature of Riverside since the last quarter of the 19th century.

We held our business meeting following the luncheon, which included several announcements by Governor Ginny Gotlieb:

  1. We are seeking suggestions for future programs. Our next meeting will be in June at a place and date to be announced. We are also exploring a meeting in spring 2014 to help commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pocahontas/John Rolfe nuptials on April 4. Watch our blog for further news.
  2. We will be participating in the forthcoming annual Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree in Burbank in early June. Watch our blog for further news and specifics.
  3. The Jamestowne Society elected new officers and councilors at its November meeting, which are listed on its website. Of note is that the new Governor, Dr. Michael Frost, lives in the Kansas City area, but also has a home in La Jolla. We have invited him and hope he will join us at one of our meetings.
  4. The Jamestowne Society has amended its bylaws. It has added the office of Registrar that will complement the Society’s Genealogist. Our own Bylaws Committee will review the national changes and circulate a proposal for modifications to our own as required before the June meeting.
  5. There is a new Office Manager, Bonnie Hofmeyer, who replaced the Executive Director, Faye Weems, who resigned in May.
  6. 28 new names have been added to the Society’s list of Qualified Ancestors and four have been disqualified.

The program on English Country Dancing followed the business meeting.


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