25th-anniversary meeting on June 22nd, 2024, Buena Park, CA

The First California Company of the Jamestown Society held its 25th-anniversary meeting on June 22nd, 2024. This was the first in-person meeting since the Fall 2023 meeting in Buena Park. We were blessed to have Dan Gamble of Jamestown Rediscovery as our guest speaker. We thank longtime FCC webmaster and website editor James H. McCall for his over 20 years of service building the website and writing wonderful and highly informative content. Chris Friend, a new member of the FCC, will take over the duties of webmaster and editor.

We were fortunate to record the meeting on our Zoom feed, which we present to you here. Please look forward to a new version of this video in the next few days featuring inserts of the slides shown by Dan Gamble.

Judy Baxter was elected governor of the First California Company during the meeting. We thank former Governor John Ferris for serving 2022-2024 years.

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