A new blog for the First California Company of the Jamestowne Society

Welcome to our new blog! It is our hope that this blog will provide a better way to stay in touch with our members between meetings. We hope this blog can become our primary vehicle for communication about events, meetings, and any kind of news we believe may be of interest to our members.
We believe a blog is a good solution because it’s much simpler to create and deliver than a newsletter. We’ll also be able to include color photos, videos, and links to other online resources. If you’d like a paper version of the articles, you can print them.
We’ll email our members and friends whenever there is something critical to see on this blog. You can visit the blog any time or “follow” it in any of the usual ways. For the few members who do not use computers, our plan is to send critical information by regular mail.
My name is Billy Pittard and I will serve as your editor and blog master. I invite you to send me stories, news, photographs, etc. that you might like to share with your fellow members, and I will add it to the blog. Contact me at this address: FCCJamestowne@gmail.com

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