Annual Meeting: June 18, 2011

San Diego Yacht Club

What is more relaxing and quintessentially Californian than looking over a yacht harbor on a beautiful June day?  The San Diego Yacht Club held the oldest active trophy in international sports, the America’s Cup, from 1988-95. Happily, it is the site of the next First California Company, Jamestowne Society meeting.  The event will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011 from noon to 2:30 pm. We will enjoy the setting while holding our annual business meeting.  Governor Ginny Gotlieb will report on the national Jamestowne Society meeting and Governors Roundtable.

The June program, entitled “Seeking Early Opportunity in Jamestown”, highlights the attraction of Jamestown. One of the earliest families to settle was that of Richard and Isabella Pace and their young son, George. Both were investors in the Virginia Company of London and were among the recipients of the first headrights or land grants. Two of their descendents, Martha Pace Gresham and Jim McCall, will give us insights into their lives and contributions to Jamestown’s survival and development.  We will learn about what drove emigration from England to Virginia, how the settlers lived in those early days and what they did to help create the foundation for our American nation.

Landing at Jamestowne. Illustration courtesy of National Parks Service

Reservations:  The Yacht Club will present a buffet lunch featuring seared chicken breast in a port wine sauce and beef tenderloin tips with a wild mushroom Bordelaise sauce.  Cost is $30 per person, inclusive. Please send your reservation by June 10 to Treasurer, Harry Holgate, 115 West Fourth St., #208, Long Beach, California 90802-2312.  Please include the name of all those attending, your address, phone, and email.  We look forward to seeing you and having time for everyone to visit.

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