Photos of our 2018 Winter Meeting

We have the following photos from our 2018 Winter Meeting on February 24 ( see recap):


Membership Chair Marty Sommercamp introduced new member Sandra Bill, with Governor Scarlett Gathings Shepherd looking on.  (courtesy Ed Bill)

Table # 3 right to left. Harry Holgate, Brandynn Holgate, Susan Holgate, Leigh Bryan, Donna Riegel, David O’ Hoy, Suzy Leif, Dorothy Flynn. (Courtesy Jim Shepherd)

Table # 4 right to left. Craig Swanson, Ellen Anderson, Marty Sommercamp, A. J. Cleveland, Carl Chidiac, Sherrie Stein, Susan Pitney. (Courtesy Jim Shepherd)

Table # 5 right to left. Lia Peterson Miller, Dorothy Peterson, Lawrence Beall, Kathleen Beall, Byron Taylor, Betsy Zafuto, (Courtesy Jim Shepherd)

Table # 2 right to Left Patricia Fleming, Jerry L. Willoughby, Donna Derrick. Julie Samaniego, Ginny Gotlieb, Kathleen Flaherty, Sandra Krutilek, Claire Murphy. (Courtesy Jim Shepherd)

Table # 1 Right to left: Edward Bill, Sandra Bill,. (Courtesy Jim Shepherd)

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