Governor’s Message: Introducing Our New Board

By Ginny Gotlieb
As your new Governor, I want to welcome our new board and thank all who have agreed to serve. I am pleased that some of our newer members are moving into leadership roles and that former Governors and others who have worked hard for the First California Company for years are still supporting us so heartily. 
Ginny Gotlieb, Scott Krutilek, Linda Ramos, Pat Fleming, Cathy Matranga, Tese Gorszwick, Barbara Skimina, and Sandy Krutilek
First California Company Jamestowne Board 2010-2012
Governor:  Ginny Gotlieb
Lt. Governor: Scott Krutilek
Secretary: Linda Ramos
Chaplain: Patricia Fleming
Membership: Cathie Matranga
Historian: Tese Gorszwick
Newsletter/Blog: Billy Pittard

Councilors: Joanne Murphy
Martha Gresham
Sandy Krutilek
Barbara Skimina

We are seeking a Treasurer and an Invitations Manager who can serve until June 2012.  Please consider whether you would like to be part of our management team and contact me for more details if you might be interested.

Our thanks go to Charlotte Gresham for maintaining our informative website over the past few years. This site provides information on membership in the Jamestowne Society, a list of currently approved ancestors, information on our events, a reading list and other useful information about Jamestowne. It’s a great resource for both members and prospective members. Our website can be found here:
Looking forward to a great meeting in October
Do you want to know all the good 17th century gossip? Who is related to whom and their occupation?  Our fall program will provide tidbits and guidance on clues to learning about these early settlers.  Martha McCartney, author of Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers, 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary, will draw on her years of experience as a professional researcher when she speaks to us on Saturday, October 23, 2010.  She is the author of four books and many articles on the people of early Virginia.  McCartney has served as a research historian at the Virginia Research Center for Archaeology and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. McCartney is a graduate of The College of William and Mary and a resident of Williamsburg. You will receive your invitation in the next few weeks.
Looking forward to a great future for First California Company
We have a stimulating year coming up and it is made more interesting as more members are active participants. We can now stay easily connected to each other with the First California Company’s new blog. This blog will be a source of information and a means to stay in touch between meetings. We may be far from Jamestown but we need not be far from each other! 
Outgoing Governor Joanne Murphy and incoming Governor Ginny Gotlieb 

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  1. Jim McCall says:

    Congratulations on the new First California Company’s blog/newsletter!

    It’s great to have the pictures of our leadership and the updates. This is a big step forward for First California Company – and the Jamestowne Society. I hope this inspires the Society and other companies to better inform their memberships about what’s going on. This has long been needed.

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