Historic Jamestown’s 400th Wedding Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony

Thanks to our friend Jane Crallé Congdon (another Pocahontas descendant), who sent us this message:

Below is the link for the Colonial Williamsburg video of the Pocahontas/Rolfe wedding anniversary reenactment held ( 3 times) on Saturday, April 5, 2014, anniversary date on Jamestown island within the original Jamestown Fort area.  Archaeologists there have found the ‘foot print’ of the church in use on that date 400 years ago and the anniversary weddings were held in the exact same spot as the original wedding.

All the characters in the wedding are known historically to have attended the wedding. The lines they spoke during the ceremony, for the most part, are quotations from historical colonial records.

Pocahontas was played by a Native American Pamunkey tribal member from the local area. Although a little older than Pocahontas was on her wedding day (19), the girl is so perfect for the part that is was a sure thing when she was chosen. She is a bank teller at a Wells Fargo in Richmond.

At a rehearsal-type dinner the night before the [ceremony], several of the wedding party, in costume and character, gave a brief pre-wedding conversation performance, followed by the appearance of the wedding couple, all of whom posed for photos with the dinner guests.

The wedding day was a gorgeous spring day with bright sunshine, and cool breezes from the James River.  I hope the wedding 400 years ago on that April 5th day was as lovely.

The video of is the first of 3 ceremonies reenacted that day.

Here is the link to Colonial Williamsburg’s video of the April 5 ceremony that Scarlett Stahl observed and reported on in yesterday’s post.


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