Jamestown in Winter

It’s been a tough weather week in Historic Jamestown.

We here show a You Tube video of  Jamestown in Winter shot from a drone by the Jamestown Rediscovery staff. This makes us appreciate our California weather, no matter the current rains. Note how the reenactor also helps us appreciate what our earliest ancestors had to endure; it was then the Little Ice Age. John Smith described how he had to chop through river ice in visiting the Powhatans and exploring the Chesapeake. Not all summer-like and mosquitos.

Also, below are photos that were among those posted by Jamestown Rediscovery on its Facebook page. As some readers of this page do not access Facebook, we are posting these so all can share them. You can click on them for more detail.

All were taken on January 9 (when it was 10 degrees) by JR staff, two of which were notably taken by Merry Outlaw, its Curator of Collections.


The Island in Winter



Memorial Church and 17th century tower in the snow (Merry Outlaw)

James Fort in the snow.


Site of the 1608 church in winter (Merry Outlaw)

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