Two Opportunities to Research Your VA Ancestors

If you are interested in pursuing unique opportunities for researching for your Virginia ancestors, there appear to be two promising genealogical tours to Richmond and Williamsburg hosted by Roads Scholars in the next few months. Here are their summaries and links:

Researching Your Heritage; Genealogy and the Library of Virginia

During much of U.S. westward migration, Virginia was the largest state, and many Americans have Virginian forebears. The extraordinary Library of Virginia, adjacent to the beautifully restored capitol in Richmond, has the state’s most complete genealogical resources. Led by an expert genealogist, get background information to master research techniques, then enjoy privileged access to the Library’s records for individual work tracing your ancestors. Advanced students will receive professional assistance. This program is of great value for both novice and experienced family historians.

Genealogy in Virginia

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary history of Tidewater Virginia, site of the first permanent English settlement in North America and entry point for thousands of adventurers, indentured servants and enslaved Africans. Learn how to further your genealogical research into the lives of your 17th- and 18th-century ancestors using Virginia land, church, civil, tax and business records. See how economics, religion, and warfare impacted people’s lives, with time for individual research under expert guidance.

(Editor’s Note: This post is for information only. Neither the First California Company of the Jamestowne Society nor the editor of this News page endorse any commercial service or enterprise.)
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