We Held Our 2016 Annual Meeting and Council Elections

We met May 21, 2016 at the Officers’ Club at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, San Diego for a joint meeting with the Mayflower Descendants of San Diego. Our program was a presentation of a history of the flags of the United States by the National Sojourners. About 70 attended, including seven Stephen Hopkins descendants who are eligible for both societies.

Following lunch, we adjourned for our 2016 Annual Meeting. Because Governor Donna Derrick, immediate past Governor and Councilor Ginny Gotlieb, Historian Scarlett Stahl and Julie Plemmons were in Williamsburg for the Society’s spring meetings, Martha Gresham, organizing Governor, presided and called our meeting to order at 1:35 PM.

Seventeen persons were in attendance, including three guests. New members Jim Shepherd and Robert Holcombe were introduced and each briefly discussed his lineage.

DD2 @ Williamsburg_2Sandra Orozco read Governor Donna Derrick’s Report, as follows:

“I am very sorry not to be with you today as we elect new Officers and hear reports from activities of this past year. I want to thank each of you for making this a successful year for our First California Company of the Jamestowne Society.

“We have completed all that has been asked of us by our National Headquarters and even more.

“One of our most important efforts has been to oppose the application of Dominion Power Company to the U S Army Corps of Engineers to place 300’ electric towers across the James River. Some of these towers will have red blinking lights 24/7 that will be visible from Jamestowne Island and the Colonial Parkway between Williamsburg and Jamestowne Island. We were invited to become a ‘Consulting Party’ by the Corps of Engineers who must approve the permit to build these towers. Our efforts have been led by Jim McCall who has written many letters and participated in conference calls.

“I feel partially due to our presence and pressure, Jamestowne Society finally came out against these lines within the past year. Again Jim helped draft their presentation at the public forum held last fall.

“I think we can be proud of our Company for taking an early stand against these visible power lines that evidenced national interest in this issue. I hope we will continue to urge the power company to use other methods to take power lines across the James River in view of our historic Jamestowne Island.

“We have welcomed 7 new members this past year. To them I say that we are proud and pleased to have you as a member of our Company, and appreciate the effort you have put forth to complete your paperwork.

“To our members of longer standing, your support of our Company means everything and you are what has made this Company a success. What the newer members may not know is that for several years, we were the only Company in the entire state of California. Then about three or four years ago, new companies were formed in northern California and the Santa Barbara area. These two new companies really ate into our membership but we have re-built with new members and renewed interest in Jamestowne, the first English speaking settlement in this new world.

“I think you will agree that we have enjoyed diversified programs this past year, and I am sure of more to come.   This also has sparked interest, as attendees want to learn more about Jamestowne and its inhabitants. As this Administration comes to a close, I know each of you join with me in looking forward to further growth for our Company in both membership and learning about our Jamestowne. I thank each of you for your support these past two years.”

Donna Chilton Derrick

Treasurer Suzy Leif presented her 2015-16 financial report and budget for 2016-17.  Chaire Murphy gave the Chaplain’s report. Jim McCall reported on the status of the effort to encourage the US Army Corps of Engineers to deny Dominion Power’s permit application. We are awaiting further word from USACE. He emphasized that we were just one of seventeen Consulting Parties that were advising the Corps, which include the National Park Service, National Trust for Historic Preservation and Preservation Virginia.

Mrs. Gresham noted that the Genealogical Jamboree is to be held at the Burbank Marriott June 3rd, 4th and 5th. Scarlett Stahl and Sandy and Scott Krutilek will be managing our table, and our brochures will again be in the bags of all registrants, estimated at 1,500.

We elected the following to the Council for 2016-17, to take office July 1:

  • Governor: Scarlett Stahl
  • Lieutenant Governor: Julie Plemmons
  • Chaplain: Sandra Orozco
  • Secretary: Michele Chatelle
  • Treasurer: David Grinnell
  • Membership Chair: Marty Sommercamp
  • Historian: Jim Shepherd
  • Councilors: Jim McCall, Anita Guenin and Donna Derrick
Martha Gresham and new Council Members who were present

Martha Gresham and new Council Members who were present: Sandra Orozco, Michele Chatelle, Jim Shepherd and Jim McCall

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A Visit to St. George’s Church, Gravesend, England

My friend, Carol Burgen, Miss Mary Pugh (assistant to the Reverend), Reverend Chris and me at the back of the church

My friend, Carol Burgen, Miss Mary Pugh (assistant to the Reverend), Reverend Chris and me at the back of the church. In the background is a quilt of Pocahontas

By Scarlett Stahl

As the First California Company’s  historian, I emailed the Reverend Canon Chris Stone, Rector of Gravesend in England to arrange a visit to St. George’s Church, where my 10th great grandmother, Pocahontas is buried. Reverend Chris graciously agreed to meet me at the train and show me the church. The distance between London and Gravesend is about 30 miles and time by train can vary, with stops it is about an hour ride. True to his word, he did indeed meet me and we walked thru the town to the Church, where a choir was practicing.

Reverend Chris shared that in March 1617, the Rolfes prepared to leave London on Argall’s ship the “George”. They were to return with Virginia’s Governor and his family. At this stage Pocahontas’ health was deteriorating, as were most Indians in the party. Pocahontas was brought ashore at Gravesend, either dead or dying and is believed to have been buried in the vault beneath the chancel of the local parish church –

St. George’s: The original church was destroyed by fire on 24th August 1727 and later rebuilt. In 1896 the memorial tablet to Pocahontas was put in the chancel of St. George’s Church, as were the stained glass memorial windows in 1914.

In 1923 a Virginian received permission to search for the remains of Pocahontas, but found nothing conclusive. There is an entry in the Gravesend St. George composite parish register that records the burial of Princess Pocahontas on 21 March 1616/1617. The entry reads: “Rebecca Wroth wyffe [i.e. wife] of Thomas Wroth/ gent[leman] [i.e.gentleman] a Virginia [America] Lady borne [i.e. born] was buried/ in the Chauncell[i.e. chancel].”

(Her husband was John Rolfe and her son was Thomas Rolfe, so this was was an error.) Reverend Chris said that there will be a celebration on March 21, 2017 to commemorate her death in Gravesend and he will be coming to the States to gather memorabilia for the occasion.

St George’s Church, Pocahontas Statue and Pocahontas Gardens with Reverend Chris Stone and me.

St George’s Church, Pocahontas Statue and Pocahontas Gardens with Reverend Chris Stone and me.

Inside the church with the choir practicing

Inside the church with the choir practicing

The south window represents the figure of Ruth and the north Rebecca, the name she took at her baptism. Both incorporate cartouches of Pocahontas, also depicted are her baptism in one and Ruth accompanying Naomi in the other. Within the borders one sees American plants: Virginia creeper, dogwood saragas and redbud

The south window represents the figure of Ruth and (below) the north Rebecca, the name she took at her baptism. Both incorporate cartouches of Pocahontas, also depicted are her baptism in one and Ruth accompanying Naomi in the other. Within the borders one sees American plants: Virginia creeper, dogwood, saragas and redbud


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Our 2016 Annual Meeting will be May 21 in San Diego

We will hold a joint meeting of First California Company, Jamestowne Society and the San Diego Colony Mayflower Descendants at 11 AM on Saturday, May 21, 2016 to be followed by our Annual Meeting and Council elections. It will be held at the Commissioned Officers Club, US Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar; 4472 Anderson Ave.Commissioned Officers' Club, MCAS Niramar


11:00 AM Check in

11:30 Introductions and Joint Meeting Program: Historical Flags by National Sojourners, Inc.

12:15 Luncheon: Choice: Chicken Piccata or Gluten Free Pasta Primavera;

Cost: $25; children: $20.

Following Luncheon: First California Company: Annual Meeting and Council Election

Reservations must be made by Saturday, May 14, 2016. To do so, please make your check payable to SD Colony Mayflower and send it to:

Jan Quigley, Treasurer, 1514 Malaga Way, Fallbrook, CA 92028-4063

Email: Tbirdfor2@roadrunner.com

Please list all names to be included in the reservation.

Questions? Please contact Councilor Anita Guenin at acguenin@mac.com

This meeting is being held at an active military facility that maintains high security precautions. The only access is by the Main (East) Gate from Kearney Mesa Road. Please be prepared to show Identification, including driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Directions to Officer’s Club (4472 Anderson Ave.):

EAST (Main) GATE DIRECTIONS: From I-15 north and south: Exit I-15 at Miramar Way and drive West to the East Gate. Proceed West on Miramar Way until you reach Anderson Avenue, and then turn right (north). Head north until you see the Officer’s Club on your left.

From Miramar Road: Turn right at Kearney Villa Road and go south to Miramar Way, then drive West to the East Gate. Proceed West on Miramar Way until you reach Anderson Avenue, and then turn right (north). Head north until you see the Officer’s Club on your left.


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Our Winter Meeting Will be in Pasadena on February 27

Brookside Golf Club

Brookside Golf Club

Our 2016 winter meeting and luncheon will be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 12 noon for all members, prospective applicants and friends at Brookside Golf Club’s Rose Room, 1133 Rosemont Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103. Guests are always welcome.

Deborah McIntosh will present our program: A Visit with Matoaka– Native American Princess a/k/a Pocahontas and Lady Rebecca Rolfe. She is the founder of History Through the Eyes of Women.  Debbie portrays over 70 famous women for schools and groups throughout Southern California. She will discuss how Matoaka (Pocahontas) befriended the colony of Jamestowne and how the new colony influenced the rest of her life.

 Mrs. McIntosh was graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Arts in International Relations. She worked for USC for nearly 10 years and served as the president of all the alumni clubs worldwide in 1997. She is currently the past-president of the Trojan League of San Fernando Valley and President of the USC Alumni Club of the Santa Clarita Valley, Board of Governors Emeriti for the Alumni Association, as well as a USC voluntary recruiter and ambassador.

She also worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech/NASA, and served as the official lecturer for Forest Lawn Museum – Forest Lawn Memorial Parks, after having worked for four years as “Betsy Ross” at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills for the annual Presidents’ Day education program. She served five times as president of the American Association of University Women, and founded the AAUW Women in History Program in 1987.

Luncheon: Italian Buffet.

Cost $40. Please make your check payable to First California Company, Jamestowne Society. Mail to Suzanne Leif, Treasurer; 3345 Hopi Place, San Diego, CA 92117. It must be received by Saturday, February 13, 2016. Please include your guests’ names.

For questions: please contact suzyleif@gmail.com or phone: 619-922-9823.

Brookside Golf Club is just north of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Phone number for Brookside Golf Club: 626-577-4497



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John Smith’s Remembrance of an Unexpectedly Merry Christmas

The Little Ice Age made early 17th century winters very difficult in England, but especially in Virginia. Unlike our days of rain, and chill, the Thames and James would freeze over in those days, so this reprinted account of Remembering Capt. John Smith’s 1608-09 Christmas holiday visit to Kecoughtan from the Newport New Daily Press is especially instructive of what kind of environment our ancestors then faced.


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Increasing Opposition to Proposed James River Transmission Line Project

The Virginia Gazette reports that two federal agencies have increased their concerns about Dominion Power’s proposed transmission line project in the James River.

A letter from the head of the National Park Service to the Commanding General of the Corps of Engineers urges the Corps to deny the utility’s application for a permit and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation says that the “…Corps must keep in mind that the adverse effects resulting from this undertaking, including alteration of the setting of and longterm cumulative effects on nationally significant historic properties.”

These comments validate our 11/4 letter comment to the Corps.

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Our Fall Meeting was Held November 21

Governor Donna Derrick and new members Marty Sommercamp, Jeffrey Tebeau and Michele Chatelle

Governor Donna Derrick and new members Marty Sommercamp, Jeffrey Tebeau and Michele Chatelle

We held our 2015 fall meeting on Saturday, November 21 in Anaheim. Governor Donna Derrick presided as 28 members and guests attended and heard Dr. Mark Hanna, Associate Professor of History at University of California, San Diego discuss early colonial maritime history. He has authored a new book, Pirates Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570-1740.

Membership Chair Linda Ramos welcomed new members Marty Sommercamp, Michele Chatelle and Jeffrey Tebeau. We enrolled eight new members in 2015, four of whom attended the meeting. A moment of remembrance was held for organizing member Ann Beinert who passed away July 19, 2015 at the age of 96 years young.

Historian Scarlett Stahl reported she had received records of the Company’s first year from the first Governor Dee Rickards. Governor Derrick read a report from Councilor Jim McCall on the status of the efforts to protect the James River viewshed from the proposed transmission line project by Dominion Virginia Power.

The Company voted to have a complimentary table at Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree on Saturday June 5, 2016 in Burbank. We will again have our FCC brochures included in all registration packets. 

Our next meeting will be on February 27, 2016 at the Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena, near the Rose Bowl. Please watch our website’s News and Meetings pages for details.IMG_5760IMG_5759

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Announcing Another New Member, but Long-Time Friend

Marty Sommercamp

Marty Sommercamp

Martha “Marty” Cleveland Sommercamp, a long-time Friend of First California Company, recently was enrolled as both a member of the Society and our Company. Her ancestor is Reverend Robert Braswell.

She submitted this profile for us:

I grew up in a military family. My father was an officer in the U.S. Navy and a big history buff. He read mostly non-fiction history books about wars and every book on the Civil War. I am sure he was an expert, as he seemed to know a lot about each place we visited. Because of his interest, every time we moved, which was frequently, he would take us to battlefields or places of historical interest along the way. I had been to almost every famous battlefield in the USA by the time I was 10. He would tell us that the Cleveland family had fought in Colonial Wars, the French and Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. He also told us that supposedly the Clevelands had been original Jamestown settlers. Best of all, the original Cleveland brothers were the illegitimate sons of Oliver Cromwell and Lady Elizabeth Cleveland. They were sent here because they would have no future in England.

Later, when my dad retired from the USN, we started working on genealogy together before the Internet. It sparked my interest, so I have spent the last ten years working to establish my genealogy.

After I joined the DAR, I started the process of finding the Cleveland who landed in Jamestown. Unfortunately, family lore was not exactly correct, as the Clevelands were not listed as qualifying ancestors. No early records exist for them, although they were nearby in Orange County.   I wasn’t too worried, as I had the Graves line in the family tree. Alas, my Graves’ line was closed to new members. For five years, I have tried various family lines without success…. always a missing piece of information.

A little over a year ago, I contacted the Jamestowne Society to find a genealogist to help me in my search. I worked with someone who actually lives in the area where my ancestors had a plantation. For over 15 months, she tried various lines in my family. Finally, last June she was able to establish a qualifying ancestor for me to use in the application process.

Reverend Robert Braswell was an Oxford-trained Anglican clergyman. He was born in Middlesex, England, before October 1611. He was living on the Isle of Wight on the Pagan River in 1652. He was elected to serve as a Burgess, but he was declared ineligible, as he was the rector of Isle of Wight Lower Parish and the leader of St. Luke’s Church. He married Faith Braswell in England, and then married Rebecca Izard. He died on May 1, 1668. I descend through his son, Richard. No one in our family had ever mentioned the Braswell name as ancestors!

I am so pleased to finally be a member of the Jamestowne Society. Thanks to Joanne Murphy for inviting me to join and to both Donna Derrick and Julie Plemmons, who both helped me so much. Donna started me on this journey during a visit to her home several years ago. I went in her office and saw the evidence of all the organizations she belongs to in frames on the wall. I started asking her how you qualify for all the various groups. As Donna gave me an overview, I kept saying I thought I could join this group or another. I am now a member of a dozen societies. (DAR, USD1812, Colonial Dames, Daughters of American Founders and Patriots, Daughters of American Colonists, Daughters of Colonial Wars, Daughters of Indian Wars, Southern Dames, Colonial Clergy, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and Dames of the Court of Honor) Julie has been such a great resource; I could not have done this without her. And best of all, I gained new friends from the process.

I have lived in Solana Beach for over 30 years. We moved here when my husband retired from the USAF. I am a graduate of San Diego State University and have a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California. I worked for many years in the public sector as an employee benefits specialist. I am the mother of two sons. John Owen is a FBI agent in Sacramento, and James is a firefighter in El Dorado Hills. I have 4 grandchildren, who will be eligible to join the Jamestowne Society as 14th generation descendents of a Jamestowne ancestor.



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Updating our November 21 Fall Meeting

We have relocated our Saturday, November 21 fall meeting to JT Schmid’s Restaurant and Brewery at 2610 East Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806 at noon.

Mark HannaWe will have an interesting program: We will be honored by hosting Dr. Mark G. Hanna, Associate Professor of History at UC San Diego, and a preeminent authority on 17th century maritime history. His topic will be Jamestown’s Maritime Context and he likely will tell us some surprising things. He holds the Robert and Laura Kyle Endowed Chair in Maritime History at the San Diego Maritime Museum and is Honorary Curator of the Hill Collection PN cover MHof Pacific Voyages at the UCSD Library. He is an engaging lecturer and well liked by his students and members of Osher Life Long Learning Institute at UCSD. Many of us visited the San Diego Museum of Natural History’s recent exhibit on piracy that he curated. His new book, Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570-1740, will soon be released; advance reviews are very positive.

The cost will be $35.00 per person and reservations must be made by November 13th with our Treasurer, Suzy Leif (see below). We will have three entrée choices:  Fish Tacos with rice and beans; Grilled Chicken Breast with rice pilaf & Vegetables; and, Angel Hair Pasta with vegetables as the vegetarian entree.  A house salad and dessert of chocolate cake plus coffee, tea or sodas will be served to all.  Other beverages will be available for purchase.

Please make your check payable to First California Company, Jamestowne Society and mail it, together with your entrée selection and names of attendees, to Suzanne Leif, Treasurer, 3345 Hopi Place, San Diego, CA 92117. For more information or answers to questions, please contact suzyleif@gmail.com or 619-922-9823.

We will start with time to socialize between 11:30-12:00. The Company meeting will begin at 12:00 noon to conduct some business and luncheon will be served afterwards; the program will follow.

JT Schmid’s is on Katella off of Highway 57, opposite the Angel Stadium, and directly across the street from The Pond where the Ducks play hockey.  The Anaheim Amtrak and Metrolink station is nearby.

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Introducing Four New First California Company Members

We introduce four new members that have joined our company in the past few months:

Robert Eric (Bob) Holcomb descends from Richard Cocke, founder of the Henrico county branch of the Cocke family and settled in Virginia about 1627. Cocke served several times as a Burgess and eventually owned about 10,000 acres in Henrico County, most received for having transported 220 people. Bob first learned about genealogy from family members in his early teens and recently took it up again, discovering his ancestry from Thomas Holcombe, a founder of Windsor, CT, and other New England and Mayflower families. He is a member of SAR, Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, Winthrop Society and, most recently, the Jamestowne Society.

Bob is retired from the real estate development business and lives in San Marcos.

Jim Shepherd

James Alan (Jim) Shepherd descends from John George, who came to Virginia before 1635. He was a Colonel in the Isle of Wight, County Militia and served in the House of Burgess for two terms.  Jim’s genealogical journey began in 1986, when his mother died and he inherited old family pictures, of which he made copies for family members. He researched the names in all as far as he could, to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Netherlands in 1663 and Boston, Massachusetts in 1631.

He served as Virginia Branch Registrar of The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manikin in the Colony of Virginia, and is also is a member of the Jamestowne Society, Winthrop Society, GS Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution, NS Sons of the American Colonists, Order of the First Families of Maryland, First Families of Tennessee, Descendants of Founders of New Jersey, Early Settlers of Montana. He also has replaced the gravestones or markers of four Revolutionary War soldiers, the last in 2010.

Jim served in the US Marine Corps for twenty-two years, retiring in 1980 as a Lieutenant Colonel. He then worked in the private sector and real estate until 2010 and lives in San Diego.

Leon L. Smith, Jr., descends from Richard Foster, a Burgess for Lower Norfolk, 1656 and 1658, and married to Susan Garnett.

Leon Smith

Leon Smith

Leon began his genealogical search in 1981 and is also a member of the Welcome Society of Pennsylvania, based on Quaker ancestors who accompanied William Penn to the New World on the ship, Welcome, in 1682, and the South Coast Chapter of SAR. He has since added fourteen patriot ancestors to his initial patriot ancestor. He also participates in the SAR color guard (1776 Continental Marines) at local parades and flag presentation ceremonies.

Leon served almost 30 years with the Los Angeles Police Department as a police student worker, policeman and detective and lives in Mission Viejo.

Ward C. White’s qualifying ancestor in the Jamestowne Society is John Hodsoll, an investor in the Virginia Company of London (3rd Charter of 1612).

Ward White

Ward White

Ward’s interest in genealogy originated in the early 1930’s when he attended many family reunions and was exposed to genealogical research. He reactivated his interest in genealogy while recovering from heart surgery in 1998. He picked up where his parents left off and with computer aided research, he was able to expand the family tree to over 25,000 distant cousins and grandparents in many generations. Ward has been active in many genealogical societies for more than 17 years, and currently holds officer positions in several, including the National Huguenot Society in California; Order of Founders and Patriots; Los Angeles Colony, Society of Mayflower Descendants, Society of Colonial Wars in California and Eddy Family Association in America.

Ward’s professional career spanned 41 years in executive engineering positions with General Electric, Litton Industries, The Boeing Company, Northrop Corporation and ITT Corporation. He lives Simi Valley, Ventura County, CA.





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Exciting New Discoveries at Historic Jamestown

With a video, Jamestown Rediscovery and the Smithsonian Institution today announced the discovery and examination of the graves of four of the colony’s earliest founders in the excavation of the chancel the 1608 church at Historic Jamestown (the site of the Pocahontas/Rolfe nuptials). Two were members of the original landing party in May 1607 and two were related to Thomas West, Lord de la Ware, who saved the colony from extinction with his fleet’s arrival during the Starving Times in 1610.

According to Elizabeth Kostelny, CEO of Preservation Virginia, owner of the Historic Jamestown site and parent of the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation, “Not only are the discoveries exciting, but so is the science and technology behind the research,” [which is also helping us to “better understand our past.”]

It is also interesting to read differing the several perspectives on the discovery. The post on the Encyclopedia Virginia blog is especially compelling. The Washington Post also published its account of the announcement with a nice link to its 2007 article about the original discovery of James Fort. The Business InsiderRichmond Times-Dispatch,  NPR, Nature, the BBC and many other media outlets made advance visits to Historic Jamestown last week for background and advanced filming.  Other reports are in the LA Times, NY Times, Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, Fox News, Guardian, National Geographic, Huffington Post, Slate, Student Science and The Wall Street Journal. Many other papers and TV media channels picked up and reprinted these from wire services. Via Brevis posted the genealogy of those found in the graves.

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Report on June 5-7 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree

Governor Donna Derrick and George Horne reported on their experiences in staffing our booth at the 2015 Southern California Genealogical Society’s’ annual Genealogy Jamboree on June 5-7 . They were joined by Scarlett Stahl (who made the arrangements) and Julie Plemmons.

The Jamboree was both what was expected, but also not. The Jamestowne table had lots of visitors when the exhibit hall opened Friday. Many people were waiting to come in and often more than one would be there to chat or look at the ancestor list.

There seemed to be more people there on Friday afternoon than on Saturday or on Sunday, which was surprising because Saturday was touted as being the big day.

People were attracted to the booth, and we tried to pull them in with the opening “Do you have any Virginia Ancestors?”  Most people would stop and say, “yes, one or two”, or maybe would say “lots”. We gave our brochures to everyone who stopped by and seemed interested or thought they might qualify.  We had ancestor lists from the current website for them to look at; most did so, as well as the Adventures of Purse and Person for them to look at.

Nineteen signed our sheet that they would be interested in membership and attending a meeting. Those who thought they might qualify were glad to give their e-mail addresses. None are members and it will take lots of work to get them to apply, although most have knowledge of lineage societies.

Our “Down To The Wire” poster about stopping Dominion Power’s proposal to put power lines across the James River got lots of attention. Everyone was shocked by the thought of the adverse effects of the transmission line towers, whether or not he or she had any VA connections. Everyone who stopped was told about the issues.  They were given a flyer (about 175) and said they would go to the website and sign the petition.

LAtalk Radio’s Sheri McNeil Savory interviewed George about the Society. She emphasizes genealogy and DNA on her shows and will play her Jamboree interviews over the next month. Her website is LAtalkradio.com/Savory.php.

Ancestry.com interviewed Donna about the Dominion Power issues, which may be posted on their website, with other heritage groups.

We hope next year we can all reduce our workload to a ½ day, which would be much better.

Jamboree 2

Governor Donna Derrick and George Horne at our booth. (Photo by Joanne Murphy)



Governor Derrick with Julie Plemmons and Scarlett Stahl (photo courtesy of Scarlett Stahl)

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